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  • End of Year Financial Reports – Full set of annual financial statements including profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
  • Monthly Management Reporting – Monthly profit and loss statement.
  • Forecasting – Estimated profit and loss and cash flow figures based on past, current and projected information.
  • Budgets – Short or long term budgeted income and expenses.
  • Business Valuations – Valuations for the purpose of selling up or shareholder changes.
  • Tax Planning – Monitoring business profits to plan for provisional tax payments and facilitate tax efficiency for clients.



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  • Monthly Management accounts – Monthly coding of transactions and profit and loss reporting, including monthly, year to date and comparatives.
  • GST returns – Transactional coding to produce GST return information for filing with Inland Revenue.
  • Wages/Payroll – Wages/payroll processing and PAYE filing with Inland Revenue.



Tax Compliance

Inland Revenue

  • Income Tax – Filing of annual tax returns for Individuals, Trusts, Companies, Partnerships, Clubs & Societies and Non-residents.
  • GST – Registrations and filing GST returns with Inland Revenue.
  •  PAYE – Employer registration and PAYE filing with Inland Revenue.
  •  FBT – Company registration for Fringe Benefit Tax and quarterly or yearly filing, as appropriate.
  •  Intermediary between the client and IRD – As the tax agent, we communicate on your behalf with Inland Revenue and assist with tax compliance and all tax matters.